Part 1 Disassemble The Rokuhan Shorty


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Tools and items needed

  • Rokuhan Shorty Chassis B (Shinkansen style)

  • Flat Head Screw Driver (5/64 or 3/32)

  • Phillips Head Screw Driver (#0)

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Tweezers

  • Hobby Knife with new blade

  • Solder Remover - optional




The Rokuhan Shorty is easy to take apart. Let's get to it.

NOTE: These instructions are specifically for the Rokuhan Shorty Chassis B (Shinkansen style). Other models of the Shorty will make Step 13 and 14 difficult and may cause an improper fit of the 3D printed faux trucks.


Step 1

Pry open the tabs on the side of the chassis. This will free the circuit board so that it can be extracted later.


Step 2

Insert the screw driver behind the motor housing and wedge open the top half of the chassis.

Step 3

Cut the two bare metal wires connected to the powered truck.


Step 4

1. Using the screw driver, gently push the metal pin until the screw driver cannot go any deeper.

2. Pull the pin out from the other side to free the powered truck from the chassis.

3. While holding the Shorty upright, pull the truck out from under the chassis. Don't let the gear on top of the truck fall out!


Step 5

Remove the gear sitting atop the truck. Place the gear and the pin in a safe place for later. These parts will be used to connect the truck to the brass frame.


Step 6

1. Unwrap the wires from the metal pickup plate.

2. Cut the wires where they are soldered to the metal plate.


Step 7

1. Pull the black coupler from the coupler box. It easily snaps out by hand.

2. Using needle nose pliers, pull the metal lid off of the coupler box. The plastic rivets can be trimmed off to free the lid.


Step 8

1. Use tweezers to remove the clear plastic coupler spring.

Note: The spring is difficult to see. It sits flat against the back wall of the coupler box.


Step 9

1. Remove the wheels by slightly pulling apart the truck side frame.

2. Carefully cut off the coupler box. Do not trim past the wall separating the wheel well and the coupler box. (See below for example)


Step 10

1. Remove one wheel from each geared axle.

2. Reassemble the wheels and axles but place one wheel with a traction tire per axle.

3. Mount the axles back into the truck with the traction tires configured on opposite corners.

Note: This step is important. Putting the traction tires in opposite corners gives the locomotive equal pulling power in both directions.


Cutting Complete!

This is how the truck will look with the coupler box and the wires trimmed off.


Step 11

1. Unscrew the second truck from the chassis using a Philips head screw driver. Keep the screw in a safe place to mount it to the brass frame later.

2. Repeat steps 7 to 9 to cut off the coupler box.


Step 12

1. Gently pry out the motor from the chassis with the screw driver. Avoid damaging the attached circuit board.

2. Remove solder from where the bare metal wires are connected. Solder remover tools are recommended. Scrape off with a hobby knife as an alternative.


Step 13

1. Use a hobby knife to scrape off the details molded on the side frame of the truck.

2. Sand down the side frame to make a straight, flat surface.


Step 14

Repeat the trimming and sanding for all side frames.

Note: The 3D printed faux trucks will be attached to the side frames of the Shorty in part 2 of assembly. Be sure the side frames are sanded flat and straight. Leave a rough surface to help improve glue adhesion.


Part One Complete

After the truck sides are sanded flat, all the parts are ready to be mounted to the brass SW1200 frame. Go to part two to continue.